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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric with Tips - Bunch Benefits

Not only for flavoring the cuisine, turmeric is a spice that also has various properties for your health. You may be familiar enough with the health benefits of turmeric to relieve indigestion, but what are the others? Let's find out!

Why Turmeric Is Good for You

Health Benefits of Turmeric

You may have the benefits of turmeric for many things, including relieving various minor ailments and boosting the immune system. Many people use yellow turmeric as the primary seasoning of cooking, tea, and herbal medicine.

Although affordable and easy to find, curcumin is definitely useful as it has sesmetoksikumin, starch, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, fats, and the infamous bisdesmetoksikurkumin within.

Turmeric is also known to contain :

  • Vitamin C

  • Antioxidants

  • Bitter substances

  • Iron

  • Phosphorus

  • Calcium,

  • And some essential oils

In addition to its exceptional benefits for digestive and calming mood, it turns out to also have other benefits that you may not have imagined before. Aside from turmeric, you can also find a good amount of antioxidants in the health benefits of curcumin.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

1. Helps to Relieve Maag

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric with Tips

The first health benefits of turmeric. Did you know that turmeric actually quite famous to be a natural remedy for stomach problems?. So when the symptoms of ulcers relapse, you can just simply make a warm turmeric drink to solve it. Or if you want, you can also gain some health benefits of turmeric water.

There are so many causes for ulcers to appear and triggering a rise in acid reflux. Turmeric benefit for this problem has been proven before.

A well-researched study from the Journal of Pharmacognosy Reviews observed the turmeric remedies gastroprotective action. This is made possible by the good effects of curcumin in treating inflammation due to several causes. While treating inflammation, it's also protecting the stomach from other triggered problems.

This fact is also supported by an article published in Journal Systematic Reviews. The result was the fact that turmeric can actually help in reducing ulcer symptoms.

Thanks to curcumin, stomach acid production can be more controlled. You can find similarities with the health benefits of ginger too!

2. Treats Inflammation

Health Benefits of Turmeric

The active substance curcumin in turmeric is an antioxidant that contains potent anti-inflammatory effects.  There are approximately 200 milligrams of curcumin in a teaspoon of finely shredded fresh turmeric or its powdered version.

Curcumin is believed to block the work of cytokines and inflammatory-causing enzymes in the body. It also works to reduce inflammation by lowering histamine levels while increasing natural cortisone production in the adrenal glands.

3. Makes Your Stomach Relaxed

Health benefits of turmeric

You can't obtain these health benefits of turmeric with turmeric alone. When mixed with black pepper powder, turmeric is an effective remedy to relieve nausea rather than if consumed alone. A study in the journal Food in 2017 proved that adding black pepper helps the benefits of this yellow spice taste more maximal. Because actually, after consumption, curcumin content in turmeric is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Combining turmeric and ginger together creates a healthy drink that you may consume if you feel dizzy and a bit sick.

4. Cures Menstrual Pain

Health Benefits of Turmeric

The content of turmeric curcumin has the properties of natural pain relievers (analgesics) that work by relaxing uterine contractions causing stomach cramps. In addition, curcumin also reduces the inflow of calcium ions in uterine epithelial cells and reduces the production of prostaglandins, hormones that create pain and inflammation.

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The benefits of turmeric are further amplified by the antioxidant effects of tannins, saponins, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids, and phlebotomizes from java acid that soothes uterine contractions.

5. Lower Your Weight!

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric with Tips

Turmeric also suppresses the inflammatory response in the body's cells, including pancreatic cells, fats, and muscles. These reactions can help reduce insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other metabolic disorders due to being overweight.

6. Makes Your Facial Skin Looks Prettier


One of the turmeric skin benefits is to make your skin prettier by cleaning it thoroughly while removing all the persisting acne. To overcome acne, you can make a face mask from turmeric. It is done by mixing a tablespoon of turmeric powder or three tablespoons of fresh turmeric juice. Combine with a bit of yogurt and honey. Stir until it becomes a thick paste, and wear this face mask for 15 minutes Turmeric can also control excess oil and sebum production in your pores. You can make a mask for oily skin by mixing two tablespoons of turmeric powder with three tablespoons of lemon or ripe lime. 

7. Relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric with Tips

The last benefit is highly related to Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. It's a health problem due to colon inflammation that further causes more serious babble problems.

When you have it, it's almost hopeless. On one side, you'll get chronic diarrhea to excessive intestinal constructions, while on the other, you can also suffer from chronic constipation. It's tough to imagine what one went through.

According to various studies, it's safe to depend on turmeric for treating this problem, especially for people who have IBS. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine in Singapore in 2018 revealed that turmeric has a unique effect on calming abdominal pain.

This is because of the sound effects that come from curcumin. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects will help significantly by smoothing the muscle's work.

The same research also found the benefits of turmeric to balance colonies of good bacteria in the gut.

Tips and Tricks: Ways to Consume Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric

How to process turmeric can be done in a variety of ways. Turmeric has been part of traditional food, beverage, and medicine recipes for centuries in many countries. You can make a drink from it, whether it's tea or juice. Combining turmeric and honey should do the job if you are pretty busy. It won't take you more than five minutes. Puree these turmeric rhizomes with honey using a blender with no additional water. Then, after mixing entirely and smoothly, you can immediately brew it with hot water to create a cup of warm turmeric-honey mix. A way to dissolve turmeric with milk to increase body immunity is a secret recipe from India. After years of research, who would have thought this method could turn out to be one way of processing turmeric for cancer. It’s just one of the health benefits of turmeric milk.

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Turmeric rhizomes as herbal ingredients are already well known in various spice-producing countries. One is in India, where they make grated turmeric squeezed and dissolved into the milk. By consuming this herb regularly, the antioxidant substances in turmeric will combat free radicals in the body. Clinically, it is strongly related to the prevention of cancer.

Caution: Side Effects

Though it has many health benefits of turmeric, turmeric can also trigger some of the most dangerous turmeric side effects. Excessive consumption can trigger allergic reactions such as rash, red skin, or other reactions. On the more serious part, the side effects could be fatal. Things like heart attack, abnormal heartbeat, and infertility problems are just some. So, it would be best always to remember to keep the consumption under control. Never surpass a regular intake, or anything terrible will happen.

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