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Is Egg Good for You? Find The Top 6 Benefits of Eggs Here!

Just like the benefits of Papaya, eggs are food ingredients that are rich in nutrients and are very well known in the community. eggs are very easy to get at an affordable price so many make eggs as an alternative food substitute for chicken, fish, or meat. Those who want to eat them, are always interested in the benefits of eggs.

Benefits of Egg

Eggs that are usually consumed come from poultry animals such as chickens, or ducks, but the most popular is chicken eggs. While you can get them fresh on chicken farms, to make things easier, just buy it in convenience stores.

They are also one of the good sources of protein for the body. Eggs are already an important food ingredient that is needed daily. 

Many use eggs for their cooking since they can also be processed with a variety of techniques, like fried and boiled. 

There are various ways to enjoy the egg dish, no wonder many people can eat a lot of eggs in a week. Similar to any other food ingredients, like the benefits of ginger, it’s highly nutritious. So, be sure to always remember the benefits of eggs.

Why Eggs Are Good for You

Benefits of eggs

Not only being a source of protein, eggs also have a lot of nutrients needed by the body, such as:

  • Vitamin A
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B5, B12, and B2
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Calcium, and 
  • Zinc. 

The Benefits of Eggs

Because of the nutritional content that eggs have, they can surely deliver the benefits of eggs that’s hard-to-miss. For those of you who interested to include eggs in your diet, here’s some benefits that might attract you:

1. Good for Your Eyes

Benefits of Egg

The first in benefits of egg is to make your vision better. Eggs are found to contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that play an important role in eye health. This is especially necessary for an elderly person, where there is a decrease in his vision ability. 

Eggs also contain a good portion of antioxidant that's useful to maintain the retina. Other substances like lutein and zeaxanthin further expands the benefits by reducing the risks of eye problems, such as cataracts, and other eye diseases that are very common in older people. 

In addition, vitamin A contained in eggs certainly also helps to maintain the health of your eyes.

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Other than eggs, the known alternatives for this purpose are carrots, and also the benefits of apple juice. If you want, you can also consume them after eating the eggs for better digestion and refreshment.

2. Contains High Amino Acid

Benefits of Egg

Amino acids are protein constituent compounds, which are indispensable for all forms of cell development that occur in the body, both working for structural and functional purposes. 

Protein content in eggs can increase muscle mass and help them work properly. One large egg contains 6 grams of protein, which consists of essential amino acids in the amount corresponding to that required of the body.

3. Lowers Triglyceride Levels

Benefits of Egg

You know, eggs are blessed with Omega 3, which can make your kid smarter, while also reducing the triglyceride levels at the same time. Reducing those levels to the lower are important in order to reduce the heart disease risks.

A study showed that the consumption of 5 eggs enriched with omega 3 per week for 3 weeks can reduce triglyceride levels in the blood by 16-18%.

Though it’s totally different, you can also find similarities with the benefits of curcumin. Consume it as a drink for nourishment.

4. Good Intake for Brain Development

Benefits of Egg

The next one in the benefits of egg is related to your brain. Within the eggs, there’s also Choline, a useful substance that belongs to the Vitamin B group. Choline can help maintain brain health because it is needed to build cell membranes and aid the production of signal molecules in the brain.  

Other than that, Choline is also useful to break down the homocysteine, further reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Although choline provides important benefits for you, we often neglect it. But don’t worry, in one egg there are approximately 100 grams of choline.

5. Friends for Diet

Benefits of Egg

Chicken eggs have a high protein content and low calories so it is very good for those of you who are trying to lose weight. You can simply boil the chicken eggs and add some green vegetables to make your stomach full longer.

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The recommended part is the egg white part because it is lower in calories and cholesterol-free. In addition, the egg whites of domestic chickens are also free from saturated fat content so that even after the diet you still get a healthy body.

It's even better to have some exercises while maintaining your diet program. Your weight will be lost in no time!

6. Good Way to Maintain Heart Health

Benefits of Egg

The last one in the benefits of egg is to maintain your heart. Many people are reluctant to eat eggs because they think there’s a lot of cholesterol when in fact, only the yolk contains cholesterol. 

However, egg yolks are still safe to consume in a certain amount so as not to interfere with health, since inside the yolk, there are lutein substances that are excellent for heart health. 

In the yolk, there’s also omega 3 acids that are very good for the health of the body. To avoid the occurrence of egg overdose, you should eat both parts of the egg, white and yolk in order to be neutral in the body.

But, of course, eating eggs alone won’t help you out if you’re not even actively moving. You can have the physical benefits of exercise in order to make yourself healthy in the long-term.


Benefits of Eggs

The conclusion is that there are so many benefits of eggs, they can become healthy food for those of you who want a better health condition. Just have one egg per day, it’s more than enough.

However, for people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or have problems with cholesterol in the blood, you should limit your daily egg consumption. 

Always remember the limit, only eat the eggs three times a week. 

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