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7 Refreshing Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Apple trees are one type of plant that can adapt to cool weather, even in cold temperatures.

Red and green apples have the same nutritional content needed to improve and maintain the health of the body, especially when you can have the health benefits of apple juice from them.

Benefits of Apple Juice

Similar to the health benefits of curcumin, fruit and apple juice also have many benefits for our body. What are the properties of the juice? What can they give to our bodies? Let’s take a closer look!

Apple juice is suitable for your consumption because apple fruit is an essential ingredient and sources several important nutrients. All these benefits are possible because of these nutrients :

  • Vitamin A as much as 98 IU

  • 0.031 mg Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 

  • 0.047 mg Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 

  • 0.091 mg Vitamin B3 or Niacin 

  • 0.0111 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 

  • 5 mcg Vitamin B9 (folate )

  • 8.4 mg Vitamin C 

  • 4mcg Vitamin K 

  • 0.33 mg Vitamin E 

  • 6 mg Calcium 

  • 0.12 mg Iron,

  • And many others

In addition, apple juice also contains a variety of other nutritious substances, including minerals and antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols. Eating this juice can undoubtedly be your choice in addition to consuming the fruit directly. Are you interested in having the health benefits of apple juice? Here are some of them :

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Benefits of Apple Juice

Besides its refreshing taste, you can also gain some potential health benefits of apple juice just by consuming it. 

Preventing Damage to Body Cells 

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

The first benefit is to prevent damage to the body's cells, which is made possible because there is a compound called polyphenols

Based on research, polyphenols are proven to protect the body's cells from inflammation and oxidative stress.

As is known, inflammation and oxidative stress are the triggering factors for destroying the body's cells. Damage to body cells can also later cause free radicals, leading to several chronic diseases.

To make the optimum work for apple juice, you can combine it with the other healthy ingredients. For example, you can have the health benefits of pomegranate juice by adding some slices of pomagranate to the apple juice as well 

Keeping Your Body Hydrated

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

The water content in the juice reaches about 88 percent. In addition to preventing dehydration, consuming this juice can also help rehydrate the body after losing fluids due to some conditions such as vomiting. Nevertheless, it is good to keep up with the consumption of juice with other electrolyte fluids, especially if the dehydration is quite severe. The reason, apple juice contains a little sodium. When dehydrated, the body also loses a lot of sodium.

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Protecting the Brain 

Benefits of Apple Juice

Other than the health benefits of apple juice for the skin, this healthy drink can also treat the most critical part of your body! Still associated with the content of polyphenols, the benefit of consuming green and red apple juice can protect the brain while optimizing the function of these vital organs. According to research, polyphenols actively keep brain cells from damage and free radical attacks. In addition, this juice is also effective for overcoming various mental disorders such as anxiety disorders and depression. It is especially true for people with Alzheimer's who have often experienced these mental disorders before.

Caring for Heart Health 

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

The content of polyphenols compounds in apple juice is also reportedly productive to take care of the health of heart organs. According to research, polyphenols can lower LDL fat levels or what we know as 'bad' cholesterol. To support this statement, a study has revealed that if an average healthy adult consumes 375 ml of apple juice for six weeks straight, it was found that 20% of cholesterol levels were decreased. However, this still requires more research to understand heart health and apple juice relation. By having the benefits of apple juice in the morning, you can have this significant benefit.

Besides for cardiac health, you may also gain the apple juice benefits for liver. So by drinking a nice portion of apple juice, you may maintain the important inner parts of your body.

Minimizing Cancer Risk 

Benefits of Apple Juice

A team of researchers from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, found that the presence of certain phytochemicals and antioxidants in apples—including their juices—can prevent the formation of cancer cells (carcinogenesis). Meanwhile, other studies reveal that regular consumption of this juice can reduce the risk of lung and colon cancer. You can also benefit from apple juice for kidneys by consuming it regularly.

Relieve Asthma Symptoms 

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Apple juice contains anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy substances, making the drink somewhat dependable to relieve asthma symptoms. In addition, polyphenols within the juice can play an essential role in improving lung health and reducing the risk of lung disease. According to recent research, individuals who consume this juice regularly have lungs that function better than those who do not or rarely drink it.

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Overcoming Constipation 

7 Refreshing Benefits of Apple Juice

Constipation is a digestive problem when the colon absorbs too much water. As a result, you will experience symptoms such as difficulty defecating. 

Well, apples and their juices contain sorbitol, which can help solve this problem. Sorbitol in apple juice helps soften the stool so it can be easier to get out later. 

Nevertheless, the nature of this drink is only as a support for treatment. Especially in cases of severe constipation, you may still need medical treatment.

However, you can also find similarities of this benefit with the health benefits of turmeric. So if apples are not present, use that instead.

Though we’ve concluded the benefits of apple juice, it’s not side-effects-free. 

Apple juice is also drinkable if you haven't wat anything before. In fact, you may gain the benefits of apple juice in empty stomach that are useful to restart the day!


Benefits of Apple Juice

Unfortunately, this drink can not be separated from several side effects, especially if you consume it inappropriately, such as overdoing it or not keeping up with other healthy foods. 

These side effects are as follows: 

  • Can trigger weight gain 
  • Increase the risk of kidney stone disease 
  • High sugar content 
  • Low fiber 
  • Trigger tooth decay 
  • May contain pesticides 

However, this usually applies to juice products produced by particular food and beverage manufacturers. That's why you are more advised to make your own apple juice at home.

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